Saturday, June 17, 2006

Two Streams in the emerging 'covenant'

The conversation around the proposed Anglican Covenant appears to be surfacing two discernible streams: those who are in favor of its adoption rather immediately, and those who favor a cautious skeptical approach.  Few if any are against a Covenant outright.  Having reviewed the St. Andrew's draft of the proposed Covenant, I had originally concluded that it was pretty serviceable.  I viewed the abundant appendices as perhaps a sly way of weighing the thing with such cumbersome processes of application that effectively it would be a moot exercise.  I no longer hold to this position.  As serviceable as it may be, the proposal is less about a covenant of relationship than it is about a description of a juridical process.  I believe this renders the proposed covenant a detriment to the vitality of the Anglican Communion, and certainly to the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church.